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Bodies are cleansed by water; the mind is purified by truth. Manu

What man is there whom contact with a great soul will not exalt? A drop of water upon the petal of a lotus glistens with the splendors of the pearl.

Diligence, persistence, strength, perception, and courage even God stands in awe of him that possesses these.

O, Foolish Ruler, thou seest the faults of others, though only as large as mustard seeds; but, seeing, thou seest not thine own, though of the bulk of an elephant.

Though one devote himself to many teachers, he must extract the essence - as the bee from flowers.

The possession which the Creator has written, be it small or great, we shall surely attain even in the waste desert; and more than this we can never get, though we be on Mount Meru, whose sides are packed with gold. Therefore, be of good cheer, and spend not your life with worry. Behold in the fountain, alike as in the ocean, you shall dip your pitcher full of water.

A work prospers through endeavors, not through vows.

As the light goes out with the exhaustion of the oil, so fortune fails with the cessation of human endeavor.

Constantly a man should reflect and ask himself, "What good thing have I done this day? The setting sun will carry with it a portion of my life."
Sarngadhara Paddhati

He whose days pass without imparting and enjoying breathes indeed, but he does not live.

Ravana, who seeking to burn the tail of Hanuman and kindled a fire upon it, lived to see his own city burned down in consequence.

The base person sees in others, whatever the excellences, only the defects and faults. A swine notices only the mud and mire in the pond that bears the lotus.

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