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He who delivers another from danger, and he who removes terror from the mind, are the greatest of friends

Where there are no learned men, there even the ignorant are esteemed learned, as where there are no trees, there the lonely palm is esteemed a tree. 

People are not naturally either friends or enemies: friendship and enmity arise from circumstances. 

He is a real friend who assists in time of danger. 

Evil will befall him who regards not the advice of a benevolent friend. 

The genuine friend, who is affected with the joys and sorrows of another, is a medicinal cordial, the sanctuary of the heart, the delight of the eyes, and worthy of confidence. 

He who in your presence speaks kindly, but in your absence seeks to injure you, must be utterly rejected, like a bowl of poison covered with milk. 

The cruel are feared even by the wise. 

He who purifies himself in the river of a subdued spirit, the waters of which are truth, its waves compassion, and its shores excellent temper and conduct, will be liberated from this world; but liberation cannot be obtained by just outward observances. 

A foolish ruler, a weak child, and a person mad after riches, desire that which can not be procured. 

The sight of the eyes is not sight; but he is blest with vision who possesses knowledge; the ignorant are the blind. 

The earth trembles while she sustains a person who seeks to injure a generous, faithful, and holy person. 

The vicious, notwithstanding the sweetness of their words, and the honey on their tongues, have a whole storehouse of poison in their hearts. 

The friendship of a good person is not easily interrupted, and if lost is soon regained: a golden bowl is not easily broken, but if broken is soon repaired. 

Every one looking downwards becomes impressed with ideas of his own greatness; but looking upwards, feels his own littleness. 

The heart of an excellent person resembles the coconut, which, though hard without, contains refreshing water and delicious food within. 

There is no union between the thoughts, the words, and the actions of the wicked; but the thoughts, words, and actions of the good, all agree. 

He is a real teacher who not only instructs others, but practises the same instructions himself.

Riches are treasured up against the day of danger ; but to save life every thing is to be sacrificed. If life be preserved, all is safe; if life be lost, all is lost. 

Death, dreaded through life, is not perceived when he arrives.

Danger should be feared when distant, and braved when present.

Advice to the stupid produces anger. 

Truth, contentment, patience, and mercy, belong to great minds.

A wise and prudent person is not thrown into confusion by reproach; but is like the flame, which, when stirred, ascends higher and higher. 

Let no human being be despised, for who can tell how soon even the lowest may be raised; and how the arrogant fall. 

The good exercise compassion by making the case of others their own. 

Greatness is not the fruit of birth, but of effort: it is not attained but by the greatest exertions; whereas to become insignificant costs no pains: to raise a stone to the top of a mountain requires great labour, but it will descend with the utmost velocity. 

A person of excellent qualities is like a flower, which, whether found amongst weeds or worn on the head, still preserves its fragrance. 

Let the traveller fainting on his journey take rest under a tree which contains both fruit and shade. 

It is better to make a vow of silence than to utter falsehoods.

The contented are always happy; the discontented are ever miserable.

Happiness consists in the absence of anxiety.

Wisdom assists more than strength. 

The more you nourish the anxiety of the heart, quarrels and disorders, the more they increase.

Before his appointed time, a person cannot die though thrown into the very jaws of death; but when that time arrives, even a straw destroys him.

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