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Where your faith is, there is God. All paths lead to God.

The wise grieve not for the departed, nor for those who yet survive.
Never was the time when I was not, nor thou; and never
Shall be the time when all of us shall be not; as the unbodied soul
In this corporeal frame moves swiftly on through boyhood, youth, and age,
So will it pass through other forms hereafter be not grieved thereat.
The man whom pain and pleasure, heat and cold affect not, he is fit
For immortality: that which is not cannot be and that which is
Can never cease to be. Know this the Being that spread this universe
Is indestructible; who can destroy the Indestructible?
These bodies that enclose the everlasting soul, inscrutable,
Immortal, have an end but he who thinks the soul can be destroyed,
And he who deems it a destroyer, are alike mistaken: it
Kills not, and is not killed; it is not born, nor doth it ever die;
It has no past nor future unproduced, unchanging, infinite : he
Who knows it fixed, unborn, imperishable, indissoluble,
How can that man destroy another, or extinguish below?
As men abandon old and threadbare clothes to put on others new,
So casts the embodied soul its worn out frame to enter other forms.
No dart can pierce it; flame cannot consume it, water wet it not,
Nor scorching breezes dry it: indestructible, incapable
Of heat or moisture or aridity eternal, all-pervading,
Steadfast, immoveable; perpetual, yet imperceptible,
Incomprehensible, unfading, deathless, unimaginable.

Sri Krishna, Mahabharata

What is beauty without good behavior? What is night without the moon ? What is fluent speech without the gift of poetry?

Persons of superior qualities meet with suffering while persons destitute of such qualities live joyous and happy. Parrots are captured and imprisoned but crows roam freely.

A stone in the shoe, a bug in the ear, a spec of dust in the eye, a thorn in the foot, and a quarrel in the family, however small in themselves, are unspeakably tormenting.

As the great universe has no boundary, so Supreme Reason has no limits. To measure boundless space would be very stupid indeed.

He (the man discerning and at peace) beholdeth the Supreme Soul in all things, and all things in the Supreme Soul.
Bhagavat Gita

The relations of all living end in separation. They arise and they disappear, like bubbles upon the water.

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