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Spirit and Soul (Mind Body Spirit Soul)
Swami Abhedananda

Does the soul exist after death? Yes!

What is the difference between soul and spirit

According to the Vedanta philosophy, soul, or individual soul, or living soul, means the ego. When spiritualists use the word spirit they mean the living soul or the ego. But this word is also used in a higher sense, and by spirit we mean the pitman, that is, the unchangeable basis of consciousness and intelligence. Consciousness or intelligence is the light which illumines our inner nature, and spirit or Atman is the source from which proceeds that light or consciousness. Soul or spirit is the receptacle, as it were, of the spirit. It is the spirit plus mind with its various modifications. Mind includes all the mental activities, such as intellect, understanding, memory, emotion, power of perception, etc. 

What is our divine nature

The Atman or spirit. It is one with the Universal Spirit or the absolute reality of the universe. It is pure, sinless, immortal and perfect.

The Mind 
Swami Vivekananda

The mind is in three states; one is darkness, which is called Tamas, just as in brutes and idiots; it only acts to injure others. No other idea comes into that state of mind. 

Then there is the active state of mind, Rajas, whose chief motives are power and enjoyment. "I will be powerful and rule others." 

Then there is the Sattva, serenity, calmness. It is not inactive, but rather intensely active. It is the greatest manifestation of power to be calm. 

The calm man is not the man who is dull. You must not mistake Sattva for dullness or laziness.  Activity is the manifestation of the lower strength, calmness of the superior strength.

There is no limit to man's desires; he goes on desiring, and when he comes to a point where desire cannot be fulfilled, the result is pain. Therefore the Yogis regard the sum-total of the impressions, good or evil, as pain-bearing obstructions; they obstruct the way to freedom of the Soul. Swami Vivekananda

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