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Selections from Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Shree Krishna:

The objects that touch the senses, O son
of Kunti, and occasion cold and heat,
pleasure and pain, are transitory and
perishable. Endure them, O descendant
of Bharata. 

O prince of men, that man whom these
trouble not, the self-controlled, who is the
same in pain and pleasure, is fitted for

The unreal (or transitory) hath no existence, 
and the real doth never cease to exist, 
and those who have perceived the nature of things 
have seen the truth as to both of these.

As a man, having quitted worn-out garments, 
taketh others (that are) new, 
so the embodied soul, having quitted worn-out bodies, 
entered into others which are new. 

For of him who is born, death is certain,
so also the birth of him who is dead;
grieve not then over what is inevitable.

As the ignorant, attached to work, do
act, O descendant of Bharata; so the wise,
unattached, should act, desiring the well-
being of mankind.

Translated by Pramada Dasa Mitra

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes form.  Albert Einstein

As Shree Krishna said over 5000 years earlier!

"The doctrine of Bhakti devotion consisting of Shraddha, faith; Upasana, contemplation; Stuti, praise; and Prarthana, prayer was most clearly enunciated in the Bhagavad Gita, or Song Celestial, a work of singular fascination and beauty" Herbert Baynes 1889

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